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   We can move your business forward!

Are you a Cottage business ready to launch into the Commercial realm with Web presence and more sales? Florida Marketeers has over twenty years experience building Brand, Logo, Advertising and Marketing, Product Development, and writing Business Plans that will get your business funded!

We offer a range of consulting and staffing services, all designed to help your company reach its potential. Our services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need at the pace that suits your funding.


Florida Marketeers, LLC is a Farmers Market staffing and small business consultancy. We bring over 20 years of sales, marketing and recruiting expertise to SW Florida with a proven track record of successful selling at Market venues.

It's exhausting to be the presence of your business, be up at 3 am to get to market locations, and then turn around and get your production up for the next day.

We offer an a la carte approach to our Consulting services.
Pick and choose the areas of your business that need embellishment.

Don't know what you need?

That is where our experience shines.
Our initial consult will identify areas of your business that need development
for growth. We sit down and listen to your unique challenges, then offer you a

realistic plan to help grow your business.

We can even staff your markets, so you can have the time to work on the areas that need your attention.

Ready to double your profit during season?

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Need some Help?
Let our trained staff give you a hand.

We charge a standard hourly rate for the sales trained marketeers we provide.  All of our Marketeer staff go through our Science of Selling training course to ensure the Marketeer has a strong understanding of the market atmosphere and how to conduct themselves when working for you. You can rest assured knowing that the Marketeer working for you will only better your market presence.